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Editing a table and saving the modifications into a file

Startbeitrag von Gus am 25.04.2009 18:37

I have a table which I fill programatically, from a file. Now, if the user modifies a row (or a field in that row), I would like to save the changes in the file. How can I make this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Gus,

In the "row exit of table" section you could put some code to save that line.
To point to the right record you can use a hidden column that stores the recordnumber when you are filling the table.
Then on exit of a table row:
if hread(MyFile,col_RecNum) then
Even new records can be allowed, because the recordnumber will be zero then.
This technique stores the record even if there are no changes. In most cases this is not a problem. I you want to deal with this then you have to set a flag in each column's "whenever modified" section that will be set if a change is made.
(Or use table..modified, but I don't really trust it)
You can also decide to store all changes at once, when exiting the table or pressing a button. Then you use the table columns line index in the above code.


von Piet van Zanten - am 26.04.2009 09:16
Hi Gus, editing data in a table can be done, see pictures .. if any questions arise, feel free to ask .. Guenter

von Jimbo - am 26.04.2009 16:45
Hi Piet:
I tried this, but in the "Row exit" event, the content of the modified field is still the same (the original one) and not the new one...Should I use a different syntax to retrieve the new value introduced in the column?


von Gus - am 26.04.2009 18:39
BTW, I tried disabling "Backup during row exit" option, but it's still the same.

von Gus - am 26.04.2009 18:41
Hi Piet:

I 'm sorry..I was working on the wrong table! Sometimes, it happens :-(
It's working fine!

Hi Jimbo:
Thanks for that! I will try it right now.


von Gus - am 26.04.2009 18:57
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