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WD14 using Google Maps / Licence issues / and a favour

Startbeitrag von BLS am 25.04.2009 21:08

Hello friends,
I am just trying to understand the licence for using the Google Map service(s).
(and I am not a lawyer)

What I want to do is simply adding a static Street Map and (may be Satellite map) to a certain address. (Which belongs to an estimation module)

As said in the subject I would like to use Google maps from WINDEV (read no WEB application) are there any special conditions I have to fulfil , (except that I have to offer a WEB address of our software) and what the heck I have to take care about ?

Next : I am using the 14 US beta. Is some one willing to send me the French Google Mashup sample ?

Would be really nice... I am very enthusiastic regarding WD14 but I have to convince my CEO' s to upgrade....

Björn nanali at (ORANGE) dot fr


Hi Bjoern, maybe, I'm silly but I can't find no 'Google mashup example' in WD14FR .. and there's no mentioning of Google mashup in the Help either. Houston, we have a problem .. Kind regards, Jimbo

von Jimbo - am 26.04.2009 17:22
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