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WD12 Query problem

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 26.04.2009 08:59


I am using a single-file query with the hModifyFile parameter on a Hyperfile Classic file. This query shows the employees of one department. On a window I have a table linked to the query and a form on an internal window, also linked to the query. Selecting a line in the table does a FileToScreen to update the display in the form.

I modify a record using the form and use
- ScreenToFile(win_MyWindow,qry_MyQuery)
- hModify(qry_MyQuery) //+error processing
- TableDisplay(Table,taCurrentRecord)

First time I modify a record everything goes as expected, modifications are reflected in the table, the query and the datafile.
Now if I select another line in the table and modify the form, nothing happens. No hError either.
If I exit the window, reopen it and select and modify the same record it IS modified.
So each time only one modification is processed. (same goes for adding a record)

If I trace the file buffer, (qry_MyQuery.MyItem) the correct values are there just before the hModify is called. Re-executing the query has no effect (I want to avoid it anyway).

What am I missing :confused:



Re: WD14 Same Query problem

Same in WD14

von Piet van Zanten - am 27.04.2009 21:28

Re: WD12 Query problem - SOLVED


I checked what RAD did and found that if I change TableDisplay(Table,taCurrentRecord) into TableDisplay(taCurrentSelection) it works as expected.
I really don't understand why.... :confused:


von Piet van Zanten - am 29.04.2009 10:49
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