Login and log out problem in webdev

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Dear everyone,

Currently I develop a website in webdev and I used to develop site in php and in order to check the user log in we compare user name and password and set the user id in the global session so when user click log out => clear all session but in wendev I do not think it has the session like php but i found the way by using project global variable to keep the user id and if they log out i just clear this project global variable and return to index page for user to log in but you know before login i prevent access to some menu then if they log in successful they can access to the private menu so i test by copy the address to this private menu and then log out and i do not log in again instead i just past the address that i have copy and it redirect to the private menu (in this menu on initialization i try to track if the user id is empty => redirect to page Index (pageDisplay(index))) but it is not working...
Please help.....

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