WD12 Socket events / Socket help

Startbeitrag von Ian am 01.05.2009 04:57

Hi All. I'm from a VB6 / .net background (we can't all be perfect ! ), have purchased WinDev12 and am trying to create a TCP/IP server/client app.
My issue is I don't seem able to 'trap' or obtain the socket status (free, connecting, connected, disconnecting ,disconnected etc...).

In VB (sorry!) I'd use the winsock eventhandler. This would fire each and every time a change in socket status was detected... Is there a way to do this with WinDev please ?

I have worked my way through the manuals / examples but can't get my head around the socket / connection objects..

I hope someone can help a rather frustrated newbie... Thanks.



A complete example can be found in the complete examples section: "Using sockets" .Based on this example I managed to create a client-server app.

Basically Windev uses a procedure with a continuous loop to check the socket status.
This procedure is run as a thread.

Looking at the client window in the example:
The procedure containing the loop is called "Reception".
In the initialization code of WIN_Client the connection is made and at the end the thread is started.

HTH, regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 01.05.2009 07:43
Many thanks for that. Much clearer now. Coming from a VB6 background, I had not fully understood :rolleyes: the power / use of 'Threads' within my code... Appreciated.

von Ian - am 01.05.2009 09:50
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