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Upgrade codes WX 14.

Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 01.05.2009 14:06

Hi all,

Has anyone received his/her upgradecodes to WX 14 yet. ???




Hi Aad,

I sent an email to Dproducts Belgium (where I purchased the upgrade) and received the codes the same day. State your serial number to speed up the process.


von Piet van Zanten - am 01.05.2009 14:41
Thanks for you reply Piet.

I did not order in Bruxelles. I will contact my dealer then.



von Aad Gouka - am 01.05.2009 14:56
I used the Tech Support Request tool inside of WinDev ( ? menu, Request to the technical support... option ) and included S/Ns for all three products. I received update codes back directly from PC Soft same day.

von David Martin - am 01.05.2009 15:32
Sent an e-mail direct to PC Soft (info@pcsoft.fr) and received update codes within 24 hours. (Note: credit card also debited at the same time! Fair enough, since the dongle is now updated to version 14.)

Prompt and efficient service once again.

Now discovering the new and updated bits and pieces in this latest version. All working very smoothly both in Vista and Windows 7. Some nice tweaks to the WD12 interface. Supposedly still some French left to translate but haven't come across any yet, except in a couple of illustrations. Some extra animations - changing panes and tabs now looks very good. Calendar control useful although I'd like to be able to input more of my own dates distinct from holidays. Google stuff is fun; very easy to interact with Google calendars and contacts.

Just looking forward to some examples.

Chris L
Melbourne, Oz

von Chris L - am 02.05.2009 06:16
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