MYSQL Access via ODBC - Date Format

Startbeitrag von Scott.pcs.crosspost am 01.05.2009 17:22

I am accessing a MYSQL database for the first time using Windev, via ODBC. The date fields in the MYSQL tables seem to be very large numeric values - I assume hundredth seconds from a given date or the like. Does anyone know how I convert such a value to Date (dd/mm/ccyy) and time (hh:mm:ss) format for reporting?


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Re: MYSQL Access via ODBC - Date Format

I should have added that I tried using integertodate and a few other options, but could not get correct results. An example value is: 1175541670 which I think is on or about April 2007.


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von Scott.pcs.crosspost - am 02.05.2009 13:58

Have you considered using the MySQL Native Access which is free. I have used MySQL extensively with WD but never with ODBC. The conversion of MySQL date fields to WD using Native access is transparent.



von issah - am 04.05.2009 10:42
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