PHP and WebDev

Startbeitrag von Rich am 03.05.2009 17:43

I have a potential client who wants a website database with PHP and MySql.

Is this doable with WebDev?


Hi Rich,

it is, with a few caveat:

- Webdev can generate php pages
- in this configuration, you can also add php native code instead of the wlnaguage on the server side (like yo can do with js on the browser side)


- many webdev functions are NOT available in php mode
- configuration and settings are more complex (basically, it's a good idea to know quite some php to work in that situation)

Hope this help

von Fabrice Harari - am 03.05.2009 19:29

Thanks for the answer.:)

von Rich - am 03.05.2009 20:11

Thanks for the info.

von Rich - am 03.05.2009 20:12
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