Retrieving the contect of a Google Document

Startbeitrag von Joel am 03.05.2009 20:30

I'm trying to create a Website manager.

I want to use the content of a published Google Document as the content of a iframe or other on a WebDev page. I want to use GDocs b/c it's easy to format HTML (Bold, colors) in the document. I know someone that has done this with Coldfusion.

So how do I....

Get the content of the webpage?
HTTPRequest("";) ?

Set the content equal to something I can modify?
result is ???
Result = HTTPGETResponse

Chop out Everything between the and tags ?
ModifiedResult is ???
ModifiedResult = Result(Chop out between -> )?

Display result on the page:

HTMLStatic = ModifiedResult ?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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