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WebDev - Inline images

Startbeitrag von Peter Raines am 04.05.2009 12:12

In any normal WYSIWYG HTML editor (e.g. Dreamweaver) one can type and format some text, and then simply insert an image inline (or next to) the text, and have the text automatically wrap around the image. For the life of me I can't work out how to do something so simple in WebDev. If I use an HTML static control, there is no option to insert an image.

You might say one option is to create multiple html static controls and place the image in-between them for example, but unfortunately there is no gaurantee that the space the text consumes on the editor page in WebDev is the same as displayed in the web browser. It's also very cumbersome when dealing with large amounts of text.

What am I missing?



Hi Peter,

For the most part, I consider WebDev a web application development environment and while it does have a visual layout aspect to it, you are correct that it is missing some elements. IMHO what this means it may not make a great html layout page but for an application development it beats most of the web packages I've tested.

Here's what I've done. In developing a CMS package, using TinyMCE in an edit control I allow the user to edit content in the web based wysiwyg editor and then save that raw html in a database field. This includes inline graphic references etc. Next to display that content I simply place an HTML control on the page and fill the control with the html contents of the field.

Hope this helps.


von KenKnight - am 06.05.2009 23:31
Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reply. Your solution is a good one for a CMS. Along a similar line I was contemplating using Dreamweaver to code the body of the page, and again just copy and paste the contents into an HTML static control. However, in my case I am building a multilingual site which requires both different text AND graphics for the differences locales.

The whole point of using a RAD software like WebDev was so that it could manage this by displaying the correct text and image according to locale, and not make me have to resort to so much stuffing about to do the job. I mean, I may as well do the entire site in Dreamweaver and PHP, because most if not all of the benefits of using the WebDev RAD have just gone poof!

Not happy!


von Peter Raines - am 07.05.2009 08:05
Hi Peter,

I truly understand your point. I certianly can't gaurantee anything but let me see if I can figure out any kind of visual work around that is not code intensive.


von KenKnight - am 08.05.2009 01:13
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