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WinDev as back end for RIA

Startbeitrag von Simon am 06.05.2009 18:29


I was wondering whether WinDev would work well as the backend to a Rich Internet Application. I am thinking that it would receive requests from the browser send data in JSON or XML format as requested, run backend data manipulation and persist data to the database, generate pdf reports. Since I have no experience using WinDev in this kind of role I am interested to hear peoples suggestions and comments.

The browser app may be developed using Tibco's open source General Interface Builder.




Upon further research I found that there is a WebDev Application server which I assume would be the tool to use for the back end component. Is it included in the WebDev package or is it a separate component that must be purchased?


von Simon - am 06.05.2009 20:36
Hi Simon,

Both Windev and/or webdev could be used as a backend for an RIA. With WinDev you can write SOAP apps that communicate with your frontend or if you don't want to follow the SOAP standard exactly you can write your own custom xml communication mechanism between your front in and some WebDev awp pages.


von KenKnight - am 06.05.2009 22:35
I own WinDev and Webdev
but chose to write our RIA in radical new ajax environment
worth a visit

von James Nicholson-Plank - am 10.05.2009 10:09
Yes I am familiar with Morfik but I would be interested to know why you chose it over WebDev?


von Simon - am 11.05.2009 01:12
Chose Morfik because it easily constructs both sides of the puzzle, browser and webservice.
So they are made to work together. This means speed building our apps. Especially in current V2.0 with service pack 1.

I like that it creates complete Ajax forms and complete ajax App (Xapp). So didnt want html forms like webdev.

And all the plumbing for the forms come standard. ie a datasource is built into the form and supported with automatic backend webservices. But is completely OOP. So you build a form by point and click, and deploy, but very easy to customise.

All methods on the server are webservices automatically. So very easy to build webservices aka "webmethods" to do anything else on the server.

Thought eventually I could use windev as a smart client to the backend webmethods later and then get all the pretties of Windev as a front end.


von James Nicholson-Plank - am 11.05.2009 02:12
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