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Startbeitrag von Paulo Oliveira am 07.05.2009 11:29

We are thinking on strating to use SCM.

Currently we have two copy of every project, one for development and one for stable versions(Install). After all the tests we copy the files from the dev. project to the install project (we copy the changed WDW, WDR, WDE and so on) after that we compile the install project and test it again and after that we send the install version to all the clients.

If we start to use SCM how can we have two SCM DB one for development and another for install?
How can we copy objects from one DB to the other?
How can we share objects between two SCM DB, we have several classes and procedures used in all our projects?

All the suggestions and advices are appreciated.



Dear Paulo!

I would suggest to use Branches because they are designed to have different versions of the same application.

Best regards

von AndyD - am 07.05.2009 12:26
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