open programs

Startbeitrag von joe crevino am 07.05.2009 20:31

How can I find out what other programs are open ...using windev.

thank you,


May be use list of process opened?


von TheDuke - am 08.05.2009 07:02
Hello Joe

I can recall this question coming up on the old forum. It had something to do with gathering the handles of the open windows.
There is a posting on the WindAsso site that might give you some clues or maybe someone has the old forum data and can search for you


von Al - am 08.05.2009 12:13
The Examples -> Training -> SystemAPIs example project has functions in it for enumerating open windows. This will should give you something to start with.


von David Martin - am 08.05.2009 14:14
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