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Compilation Error

Startbeitrag von Dave am 08.05.2009 13:59

I'm having this problem with stored procedures as follows:

I added a new stored procedure to the analysis, saved and re-generated the analysis. The analysis is associated with a HF/CS server running locally on the development computer. The procedure reads records from HF/CS and returns a result using the RESULT statement. Everything good so far...

I entered the query editor and added a new calculated item, and selected the new stored procedure that I just created. When I press the check mark to save the query, WINDEV produced a fatal crash...

I restarted WINDEV and re-opened the project. I confirmed the prompts to load the auto saved query that was open.

Went back into the query and completed adding the stored procedure to the query. I tested the query and everything worked fine...

I added a second stored procedure to the analysis, this time after saving and re-generating the analysis, I got compilation errors "No Result will be returned by the expression" from other HExecuteProcedure statements referring to procedures that have been in place and working for a long time... All these procedures use the RESULT statement to return values back to the calling code.

I fear that my analysis might of become corrupt. I've run the repair analysis, deleted the .cpl directory and recompiled... No avail..

Any suggestions...


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