Can't get Pages to run in Apache

Startbeitrag von Joel am 09.05.2009 15:14

Help! -

I keep getting this error when trying to run a test on a WebDev developer page-


You don't have permission to access /WD120AWP/WD120Awp.exe/CTX_2244-2-howdXhUgFk/CONNECT_MODETEST on this server.

History -
I had loaded WebDev Application Server on this machine. Then took it off, as I loaded it on another server. I uninstalled WebDev and apache from this machine and re-installed it. Then I started getting this error - I don't remember having to do anything in particular the first time around.

Any ideas?




I believe this part of the Apache Conf file gives me access -

AddType application/WebDev11awp .awp
Action application/WebDev11-awp /WD120AWP/WD120Awp.exe

Order allow,deny
Allow from all

I even compared the old config file with the new and the differences don't really seem pertinent.


von Joel - am 09.05.2009 16:14
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