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Row selection event of a table

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 11.05.2009 11:37

Hi All

I have tables that are filled by query's.The problem is that when you fill a table with data or TableDisplay the table the row selection event fires. I do not want this event to fire. I only want this event to fire if the use actually clicks on the row to select the row. Is there any way to prevent this event from firering unless the user actually clicks on the row to select it.



I can get the same thing I want by using the mouse up event. By the time this event fires the row has changed and I can get the correct data I need from the now current row and get done what I need to do. I haven't done all the testing to make sure I haven't corrupted anything in my project by doing it this way but so far so good. The point being is that the row pointer has changed before the mouse up event has fired. Problem solved. I gave up a little to soon before I asked for help, sorry.

von John Marrone - am 11.05.2009 12:08
Hello John

Another option is to setup a variable to control whether the rowselection code is run or not when the event fires. The variable is set prior to each occurence of tabledisplay().

LDisplayOnly is boolean = true

In the Table RowSelection event
If Not LDisplayOnly
//do what ever the row select event code is
LDisplayOnly = false


von Al - am 11.05.2009 12:18
Thanks Al

I thought about doing it that way but I have a lot of tables and I only need to do what I need to do on about 10 of them. Then the mouse up event dawn on me. And that's an event only the user can cause to fire. But thanks for your time Al, that was my second choice.

von John Marrone - am 11.05.2009 13:54
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