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Query name and indirection

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 11.05.2009 14:08

Hi All

I don't know if this can be done. I have tried to do this different ways. Here is some code

Procedure ReExecQuery(qry is string)
HExecuteQuery(qry, hQueryDefault + hModifyFile ,Cur.RaceID)

I have to do this call a lot on different query's. But using {qry} does not work. And if I try to do this ie: qry is Query it doesn't work because there is no query type. Maybe this can't be done. If someone has done this I would be grateful if you would shall the knowledge.



While I haven't tested specifically for a query, I am using indirection in the following syntax for files:

{sNameOfFile,indFile} where sNameOfFile is a string.

Perhaps this will also work for queries.



von M. Beaven - am 11.05.2009 17:39

You can also declare your query variable as a Data Source type which is more elegant.



von Peter H. - am 11.05.2009 19:45
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