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Hello All

There is a wealth of Windev info on the Web in blogs and other forums but for it is locked away in French rather than in English. I thought it might be useful for others to pass on some info about Firefox plugins that make translating them easier. I find that translation based on Google translation tools are much better that Babelfish/Systran based translations. The Google translations flow better whereas the Systran based translations seem to be just word for word e.g. Systran still thinks that a computer server is a "waiter"

The main plugins that I use are:
This will add three new options to your browser right click functions. The first is "Translate from which language", The second is "Translate to which language" and once these are set, the third option translates the current page and then subsequent pages.

There are problems in translating AWP and some frame based pages so the other tool I use is quite handy as it just translates any highlighted text into a new window.

There are some other Firefox translation addons here:



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