[WD 12] Skin template problem

Startbeitrag von Sam am 13.05.2009 11:13


I created a skin-template using "New - WindowTemplate".
When my layout was finshed, I exported this using "Export - To a skin template".

I restarted Windev, opened another project and want to apply the newly created template to this project.
I choose "Apply skin template" and I'm able to find my newly created template, but the layout gives me a normal, default Windows-skin. My layout isn't available in the thumbnail too, and when I apply the template, nothing changed to my window.

What's wrong or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your reply!




Did I gave to less information to give me a tip or trick? Or does no-one has problems with templates?


von LinXIT.be - am 19.05.2009 07:24
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