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2009 WinDevCon Tweets

Startbeitrag von tfischbeck am 15.05.2009 15:05


The 2009 WinDevCon is well underway. We have created a thread on Twitter so you can keep track of what we are doing.

If you are interested, please follow this link... http://twitter.com/windevcon

We will periodically add new "tweets" as the conference progresses.

Kindest Regards,

Tim Fischbeck
Eidetik, Inc.
US WinDev Distributorship


Very interesting. It seems Fabrice is for now only who talking.
I wish many patient for him, lol.
I hope we will see some of that conference or we "other" need to pay to see.
By the way. I wish you many great moment on WinDevCon.

von ICI - am 15.05.2009 20:52
Any feedback or interesting news to report from those who attended?

von Peter Raines - am 21.05.2009 05:38
I'll throw in my 2 cents (or 1 cent at our current economic situation).

It was another succesful event as far as I'm concerned. The Eidetik group did an incredible job of taking care of the attendees, so they truly deserve a 'Hats off'. And who would expect any less than Fabrice providing his normal 'Level of Excellence' in delivering an excellent presentation on all of the topics he covered. Very well thought out and the flow of the information was fantastic... which I'm sure is how he planned it .

For me the great part was seeing the old faces mixed in with all the new ones. Everybody seemed very excited and enthusiastic about the products and being at the event.


von KenKnight - am 21.05.2009 14:11
I agree with Ken, my gratitude to the Eidetik guys: Marc Beaven, Tim Fishbeck, and Ryan Lawyer. they really went to the limit to take care of every one.

It was a great experience for me, to meet everyone there and exchange ideas about Windev Products and the process of passing from our current tool to WX.

Andres Sanchez

von Andres Sanchez - am 21.05.2009 16:50
Hello friends…

Thank all for your kind words.

We here at Eidetik, thoroughly enjoyed hosting the conference this year and would like to thank each one of you that attended. We enjoyed meeting new and old friends and learning from their corporate experiences. It seems that the attendees enjoyed the conference and did get useful information that they will be able to use to improve their developments.

As we mentioned on another thread early in the planning process, given the souring economy, one of our primary considerations this year was cost-effectiveness and we feel we accomplished that objective. We were even able to provide lunch and transportation each day. We did have some internet issues a couple days at the meeting location and a monsoon beyond our control :eek:; however, overall, everything went smoothly.

Regarding content, as many of you may be aware, I am still a Wx newbie and my experience might have been different from the true experts in attendance; however, I found the experience to be very valuable. Following are some of my thoughts…

Fabrice Harari provided most of the content. From my standpoint, it was interesting to hear his valuable insights on topics ranging from beginning your framework to referencing the final product. I particularly found his “Referencing Your Website” course to be very interesting. The course explained how he gave his website more exposure through the search engines. All of his courses were as good as expected. In a few weeks, Fabrice will be offering his courses for purchase via his website http://www.fabriceharari.com . I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone not able to attend the conference seriously consider buying his course videos. (Eidetik does not profit from the sale of his videos)

Ken Knight covered a couple different topics. His “Transitioning from WinDev to WebDev” gave us some tips on some of the challenges. I personally found his “Graphics Made Easy” course to be very interesting. During this course, he provided us with a laundry list of the free and nearly free applications that he uses to develop nice looking graphics for his projects. If you would like access to his course materials, please contact me at tim.fischbeck@eidetik.com, and I will give you his email address.

During the workshop session, Sergio Scaglia gave a demonstration of a RAD framework that he developed. If you would like more information, please contact me at tim.fischbeck@eidetik.com and I will give you his email address. Sergio does not have any material prepared at this time (as this was an impromptu presentation during the workshop); however, if he sees that there are a couple of interested people, he has offered to prepare an article/guide. He could also include a RAD project.

Claudia Rivera from PCSoft was scheduled to attend the conference; however, she had an issue at home that resulted in her missing her flight. Nevertheless, she was able to give her presentation via a web meeting and Skype video call. Her presentation was very informative. PCSoft packed Version 14 with a lot of new functionality. We were hoping that non-Beta v14 would have been released during the conference; however, it was not. :-( Soon…

If you recall, the format was designed based upon survey data from prospective attendees. In a few months, we will send out a survey for the 2010 conference. So, if you wish to come next year, please be sure to fill out that next survey. (Please note that 2010 planning is just in its infancy; therefore, we do know when or where the conference will be held.)

Once again, thank you to all who attended. I hope that you found the conference as enriching, as did I. We hope that next year’s conference is bigger and better than this year, and we hope to see you there.

Tim Fischbeck
Eidetik, Inc.
US WinDev Distributorship

von tfischbeck - am 21.05.2009 20:14
Just a quick note to echo what has already been said about the conference. We were 3 from Ireland who ventured over and found it to be really worthwhile.

As usual Fabrice really delivered and what we learned will save literally months of trial & error.

Ken Knight was his usual very generous self with some great material also.

In particular I'd like to thank Mark, Ryan & Tim from Eidetik both for their excellent organisation and warm courtesy.

Great to renew old acquaintances and make new ones. I missed a few of those from last year who couldn't make it this time.

And, as we Irish say, the 'craic' was mighty!

Justin Phelan
Keyhouse Computing Ltd

von Justin - am 22.05.2009 15:09
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