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SMS Application using Windev and WMobile

Startbeitrag von Mitchell am 15.05.2009 15:22

Dear Windev Coders,
does anyone here having a sample of application done by Windev and Windev Mobile on doing the following solution :
1. The application in PC done in Windev are able to send SMS (short Text Message) to GSM mobile Phone (Windows Mobile PDA)

2. The application done in Windev Mobile are able to receive and send a SMS to the server on where the Windev application was installed.

This is very useful for "Field Service application" . can somebody advise please.




WinDevMobile12 has a fully working example with both projects WD12 and WM12.
The user can construct a SMS on the PC, which is automatically transferred to the mobile machine, which takes care of sending, receiving SMS's.
See C:\WinDev Mobile 12\Examples\Mobile Windows\Sending SMS\ for both projects.

Another way to go is to use a SMS-gateway provider, select one or two...(http://www.developershome.com/sms/howToChooseSMSGateway.asp)
Program use the W-language HttpRequest to send the sms to the provider and use W-language HttpGetResult to retrieve the providers answer.
Most providers support account information (how many credits are left)
If needed some providers support delivery reports (send to your URL or you poll the delivery status).


von Merijn van der Wijk - am 16.05.2009 19:18

We went the route of circumventing pay sites and wrote code for
Email to SMS gateway. The code first checks who the cellular
provider is (via an HTTPRequest), creates the string containing
and use Windev to send the email.

We hardcoded the subdomain to the wireless # as we didn't feel
a need for users editing control files for the provider.

You're welcome to the code if you want.


von Georgio - am 16.05.2009 19:59
wow! i din't see this reply long ago, today only that i notice it is already replied.

Thanks a lot guys, it really helps. I am now trying to code it.


von Mitchell - am 24.05.2009 14:19

You can try Modem AT command to send SMS from PC using any GPRS Mobile

It Worked for Me

With Regards

von Charles - am 12.06.2009 19:39

Have you found the solution, as i have used AT commands and tested it is slow but with a active control it was fast i was able to send 600 to 800 sms per hour,
if u need any help please contact me.

with regards

von Charles - am 21.06.2009 19:30
Dear Charles,

Would you like to give me more explanation todo it.
What Active control do you use.

Thank alot for your explanation.

Best Regards,

Charles wrote in news message :
> dear
> Have you found the solution, as i have used AT commands and tested it is slow but with a active control it was fast i was able to send 600 to 800 sms per hour,
> if u need any help please contact me.
> with regards
> Charles

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von M.Imam Zaenuri.pcs.crosspost - am 29.06.2009 07:21

recently i make a e-mail to sms application. It is pretty easy to make. You first create your own smtp server (socket) and handle all emails. Convert those emails to sms and send them using AT Commands. See both links below. for an introduction to AT commands.


For example

Logic_Sms is class
m_xNumber is string;
m_sMessage is string;


PROCEDURE sendSms(clSms is Logic_Sms)
//trace("Sending SMS");

sWrite(1,"AT" + RC);

With most modems (my modem) you must use a seconds between the AT commands. If you want more examples i keep an eye on this thread.. it is interesting :-)


von Thijs - am 30.06.2009 14:31
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