HTTPREQUEST and login issue

Startbeitrag von gdelucce.pcs.crosspost am 18.05.2009 10:22

Hi all,
I am trying to develop a small web browser for testing purposese in win dev 12. everything runs fine, but i hae an issue with the httprequest() function in viewing pages that require login, such as
I am calling the function as
ResReq = HTTPRequest("","","","","","myuser","mypassword")

but I receive the default page saying me I am not authorized to view the page becuse I am not logged in.

Viewing the page with a browser such as IE7 or FF3 works fine. Any ideas?

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This sounds like a header issue. Parse the http headers after to you do the login and display them in a trace window. Also use a program called Wireshark or other TCP packet sniffing software of your choice to compare the headers between when IE handles it and then mimic that if possible.


von KenKnight - am 19.05.2009 01:10
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