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[WD12] Word automation

Startbeitrag von Louis Verbraak am 18.05.2009 13:49

Hello to you all,

I'm looking at the features of Word automation. Perhaps I can use this for printing some of my reports. Can anybody tell me how I can fill a cell in a table and how I can add a row to a table.

Thanks for all your tips.


Re: [WD12] Word automation - FOUND IT


I found the way to add a row:

And to fill a cell:
:m_oWordObject>>ActiveDocument>>Tables[1]>>Cell(7,3)>>Range = "Hallo"

It's not clear to me, where to find the right (and best) code. When there is a better way to solve these problems I'ld like to hear them from you.

von Louis Verbraak - am 18.05.2009 14:32
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