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Printing to RTF adds extra spaces

Startbeitrag von Arie am 18.05.2009 19:11

when I export a print preview to RTF I'm getting an extra space at the beginning off several items.
I tried it by using a new blank report with just one edit-control ITEM on it. Same result.

i.e. on a report
This is a test
in RTF becomes
This is a test

Export to Excel,HTML and PDF are correct however. As is the preview itself.

Anyone noticed this before?



Hello Arie,

For what it's worth: I see a at the beginning of every line.

von Louis Verbraak - am 19.05.2009 06:49
your almost right about this (if this was the case then i didn't mind that much).
However, if you use a MULTILINE item, then only the first line of this item has this "problem". Lines 2,3 and so on do not.

In this paricular case I can overcome the behaviour, by splitting the multiline item into several single line items (I'm showing a fixed text here). Then ALL the lines have one extra space, which is OK to me.

btw: WD14 doesn't solve this bug. Or is this by design using RTF?


von Arie - am 19.05.2009 07:06
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