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[WD12] Vista issue

Startbeitrag von Al am 19.05.2009 00:14

Hello All

One of our sites has reported problems with a new computer running Business Vista, all other workstations are running XP.

When our software is running, the computer will intermittently lock up, and when this happens other computers in the network drop out. I assume they are timing out.
Everything is fine when the other non Vista workstations are running without the Vista machine.

I thought it may have been an oplocking issue and they have turned this off on the server and all the other computers, but oplocking cannot be turned off in Vista.

We have other sites where a few workstations are running Vista and they have not reported any problems so it may be a hardware issue on that specific computer. I have asked their hardware guy to try another NIC but have not heard back yet about that idea.

All thoughts appreciated



Hi Al,

Couple of questions, what method of connecting to the database with WinDev are you using HF on a shared network drive or HFCS?

If it is HF on a shared network, is this shared resource on an XP or Vista machine or is it a Win2k3 server? If it is XP or Vista, you may want to investigate the 10 user lock that is imposed on these systems for shared resources.


PS. I would still continue to investigate the NIC.

von KenKnight - am 19.05.2009 01:37
Hi Al, how is the Vista machine connected to the server? Should be a switch, not a hub. Old 10 Mbit networks (coax) tend to show grounding problems. Just try to find out if locking of the network happens without running your program, this could help you to exclude / include your software as being the culprit. Try to remove the hard disk and set up XP and your software on that machine. If it is hardware, network-locking should occur under XP too.
Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 19.05.2009 05:41
Hello Ken and Guenter

Thanks for your replies.

The database is hyperfile classic. The program and data reside in the same folder on the server. The server in question is Windows SBS and everything works fine under XP and we have other clients runing combinations of XP and Vista workstations without problems
Workstations have access to the software and data via a mapped server drive and run the exe directly from the server. The software is an exe and a single large wdl file (30+mb)

I am not sure about the hub or switch, but whatever, the cabling is ethernet not co-ax

Our client has since informed me that they are willing to downgrade the workstation to XP.
I will encourage them to try another NIC before we go down that path


von Al - am 19.05.2009 06:53
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