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Reset Setup Settings

Startbeitrag von MvdW am 20.05.2009 10:50

Hi Everyone

Does anyone know how to reset the settings of "Create the setup procedure of the executable".

Since this morning, installation is in French and something very weird is going on with the installation. Files are missing, and the installation wants to download framework files, even though it exist in the setup file and in the setup and even on the users' PC.

I've deleted all references from the registry, deleted the ENV, CPL, log files and everything that I think could hold the settings, but to no avail.



Take a look at Tools->WPInst setup editor. It takes a while to find things but they are all there.

Also French is selected as a language for install automatically so you have to uncheck that during setup creation.

Good Luck,

von Jeff Graham - am 20.05.2009 13:39
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