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Storing procedures for use in different projects

Startbeitrag von Joel am 20.05.2009 17:38

Hi all -

Is there a way to store procedures - not the "Global procedures of..." just a procedure for use in multiple projects, and when you update the original procedure, all the uses of the procedure are automatically updated?




WinDev Libraries?


von Jimbo - am 21.05.2009 05:44
you create as many set of procedures (WDG) as you want and share it between projects.
You don't need to put all the global procedures inside the "Global procedures of...", just create other set and put your shared procedures inside them.

This one of the ways you can achive that, but you can use library, components, classes.
As you can see this can be made with several methods, you can put almost everything in one project from another, windows, reports, querys, classes, components or another project (LOADWDL).
Go to project->List of project elements and add the files you need from the original location and is't done, with SCM i don't know how it's done but in the help says that it can be done.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 21.05.2009 08:53
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