Launching a webpage form Windev

Startbeitrag von Milton am 22.05.2009 00:10

Hi All,

I am writing an application to act as a dashboard for launching a number of other applications. I was wondering if anyone knew how to call a specific web address as the result of a button press in Windev. I have looked through the help and not found anything.

Thanks in advance.



Hello Milton

Shellexecute will open your default browser with the nominated url, if that is what you need to do.

//Website is the control holding the url
//This is the button code
IF Upper(Middle(WebSite,1,4)) = "WWW."


von Al - am 22.05.2009 01:12
Thanks Al,

I will give that a go.


von Milton - am 22.05.2009 07:52
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