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Suppressing Breaks and page height

Startbeitrag von Jimbo am 24.05.2009 08:19


using some selection criteria I can suppress BODY lines of the report by using ReportXYZ.BODY..visible = False and allow them to be printed by REPORTXYZ.BODY..visible = True. This works fine and the page is fully filled though some BODY-lines are not printed. Page height is calculated OK by the report.

However, when doing the same with BREAKs, i.e. REPORTXYZ.BREAK1..visible = False then BREAK is missing, which is OK, but the calculation of the report's page height is not working anymore => the page prints less lines than other pages. Is there a fix?

Kind regards,


Hello Guenter,

Do you use iSkipPage? Did you trace iPageHeightLeft?
Perhaps you can use an Iteration block for the break and print this (or not) depending on your needs.


von Louis Verbraak - am 25.05.2009 07:28
Hi Louis, no, I did not look at iPageHeightLeft because I can simply see that the height of the invisible Break is added to the white space at the end of the page. I want to suppress the break whenever there are no lines in the Body to be printed (= all are set to invisible), this requires quite a lot of code lines to know it before the lines are to be printed, but the result would be a much nicer listing. It works fine, but PC Soft decided to deduct the height of the invisible Break from the remaining space of the page. Interestingly, invisible Body lines are not deducted from iPageHeightLeft and that makes sense ..

Could I add that space to the iPageHeightLeft(..) ?? Is it possible?

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 25.05.2009 08:37
Hello Guenter,

Perhaps you can change the cursorposition with iYPos().

von Louis Verbraak - am 25.05.2009 08:48
HI Louis, I'll try this afternoon & let you know. That seems to be a way to go!
Thank you! Guenter

von Jimbo - am 25.05.2009 09:44
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