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Multimedia control problems (WinDev 19)

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 25.07.2014 07:42

I have been working on a video kiosk app which was working fine except for the fact that all the video display options other than 100% were displaying as stretched.

When I got back to my app, it was not working well. The display aspect problem was solved, but now it takes 7 seconds to switch between videos where before it was less than one second. And overlay controls that I would display for titles, sound volume, etc. no longer worked. In fact if I placed any control on top of the video player, the video would not play.

Since I know that the Windev multimedia control depends on installed codecs and the underlying Windows Media player, I checked for updates. Windev was not updated, the k-lite codecs had not been updated, but there were several Microsoft patches related to video display that had been updated. It looks like Microsoft fixed the one problem and created several more with their most recent Windows 8.1 updates.


Hi Donald

it looks like you are in the exact case that makes most kiosk systems to be setup as NOT UPDATING ANYTHING (automatically, at least).

Did you think about using vlc instead of your current setup?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.07.2014 11:37
It is not a finished product, so this was on my development machine. I've looked at VLC, but the multimedia control is so easy to use compared to trying to control VLC from another application. Just reading all the problems on various blogs that developers run into with integrating the VLC ActiveX is really disheartening. One of the reasons we chose WinDev for the project is that the multimedia control did everything we needed (until now).

von Donald Montaine - am 25.07.2014 13:22
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