GPS Question WinDev Mobile

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 25.05.2009 18:03

To all
So far I have not seen any postings on GPS.....
I am looking for some code/sample/solutions to display.

Satelites available

Is this possible with Windev Mobile 12?

Thanks for any hints!


I did some testing on my HTC with windows mobile 6 and windev mobile 12.
Just open and read data from com4 (?) and all the data is available.
The only problem is that serial functions don't have a read buffer, or at least I couldn't find it. Some data will be lost but with GPS it's not a real problem.

von Peter - am 25.05.2009 21:05
Thanks Peter! Will try to figure it out.

von Hans60 - am 27.05.2009 08:02
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