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WebDev 14 and migration of Access 2002 app

Startbeitrag von Parrot am 28.05.2009 19:59

We are evaluating the migration of our Access 2002 based application to WebDev 14 - we want to provide our application as web based in the future. We have worked with WinDev Express which doesn't support a test of migrating from Access to WinDev so have gained a basic understanding of toolkit and interface. Does WinDev 14 provide any additional features to support the Access migration when compared to WebDev 14? Or can I simply purchase WebDev 14 for this purpose?


Hi ...

I have migrated an application from access to webdev last year (in webdev 11 at the time)...

I'm not sure about the 2002 part as I'm not aware of any specific difference, but as long as ODBC is available, migration of the data is possible and in fact quite easy...

Now about windev or webdev: the DB functions are the same, so yo do not NEED windev to migrate. But if you have lots of data to migrate and this ha to be done live (ie by user connecting to your DB via the web), you may have problem due to the time necessary to impot files and the maximum length of a web session...

it was our case and I solved the problem by creating an import facility in windev, and calling it from the webdev app. The import was therefore running int he background and the web session could continue immediately

By the way, I'm not sure why you are saying "WinDev Express which doesn't support a test of migrating from Access to WinDev". AFAIK, windev express is perfectly capable of importing data from access

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.05.2009 21:52
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for the info above. In reading the WinDev Express notes, it indicated that "Importing a Visual Basic or Access project" was not available.

I still attempted to import a simple Access set of files into WinDev Express and was given an "OLE DB Access Error No = 170124" error. I set up a connection to my Access MDB with the "Import the description of files/tables" option. Are the WinDev Express notes correct above or am I doing something wrong?

Also, when you migrated your Access application, how much of the application were you able to migrate - were forms, reports, etc migrated or were you able to just migrate files?

Thanks for any insight that you can provide.

von Parrot - am 29.05.2009 00:44

Sorry, I was not talking about importing the APP, which is, IMHO a fantasy more than anything else. Importing code when there is not a direct equivalent to each and every possible statement will at best give you a vague idea of what you have to do...

I remember that we imported it and the result was unusable, except for the reports where we got something usable as a starting point....

Now the DB itself IS easily importable... In our case, we just created new files in the analysis and said they were coming from an existing access DB. The analysis editor imported all the structures for us, and reading the files after that was very easy

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 29.05.2009 11:05
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