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New US version 29 MAy

Startbeitrag von ICI am 29.05.2009 18:44

New version is here: www.windev.com
I hope more complette with samples! :)


Well they did a lot of work, many examples and components are translated.

von Carlo Hermus - am 30.05.2009 21:07
... but still same bugs in it ...

Is it now final or still beta ?

von Michael Drechsel - am 30.05.2009 21:43
When do you folks get the new version ????


von joe crevino - am 30.05.2009 22:03
You can download it from www.windev.com
Didn't you purchase the upgrade?
TODAY is the last chance to buy for 399,-

von Jimbo - am 31.05.2009 07:02
It's supposed to be final. But being that bugs that have existed since v10 or earlier are still present, what difference does it make?!?

von Peter Raines - am 31.05.2009 08:27
Hello Michael and Peter

You both refer to long standing or existing bugs. If you have a list or can describe the effects please post them.
Our apps are mainly business processes so we don't really stretch the boundaries of Windev much and the only problem I still have is that the typevar() command does not work as I think it should in recognising control types

If we can compile a list here then everyone can be aware of them and try to work around them.


von Al - am 31.05.2009 08:48

it´s not about long existing bugs.

For me change of line thickness and line color in print preview doesn´t work.
It ´s not important for many people, but I need this "redline function".
And redline means that the line is RED !!!!!!
The line color change in depends of ???? every time I start the application.

I post it to pcsoft and I think they forgot to put code in the 2 buttons ....

von Michael Drechsel - am 31.05.2009 09:57

Indeed MANY new interesting examples. Much more than in Windev 12. The "Graphic Objects" example is very interesting to me as I have been searching for a lasso selection option in a graphical environment. Remarkable that many examples use api calls.
Also notice the return of the "Schedule" example. If I recall correctly, a similar example was supplied with Windev 5 and was missing in versions in between.


von Piet van Zanten - am 31.05.2009 16:32
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