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Space jumper (GDImage 5.02 demo)

Startbeitrag von Patrice Terrier am 30.05.2009 19:21

The "Space jumper" GDImage demo is here

Screen shot:

Note: This demo requires a graphic card that is OpenGL 2.00+ compatible.

GDImage works with ALL the WinDev version.



Can you please quit posting your PowerBasic spam?

I am sick and tiered mistaking this for something of interest to me regarding Windev & PCSoft...


Message forwarded from pcsoft.us.windev

von Helmut.pcs.crosspost - am 31.05.2009 06:56
I am posting the Win32 version because of the size of the ZIP file.

However exactly the same version is available in WinDev (however larger project and written in WD14)

There are many WinDev applications using GDImage, and i have also several WinDev users lurking this forum.

Just ignore my post if you are not interrested in.


von Patrice Terrier - am 31.05.2009 08:27
Hello Patrice

It's not really a question of ignoring your posts.

Ask yourself:
What you contribute to the forum ?
Do you have any right to just use the forum to try and sell your products ?
Are your posts really any different from other businesses trying to post on the forum and that are removed as spam ?
Would it be smarter marketing to become a known and respected contributor ?

You mention that you have Windev users lurking on this forum. If that is the case then why not email them directly as any other business would do.


von Al - am 31.05.2009 09:14
There are very few PC-Soft addon providers writing themselves examples in w-language, i am one of them, i have posted many WinDev contributions on different forum, there is also a dedicated section on my web page with several free stuffs.

One of my latest contribution shows how to use STATIC variables in a WinDev local procedure, and you can see it on the PC-Soft forum there:

Here is another one written in WD12 showing how to use the LayeredWindow API and only "code project" without any visual form.
WD12 GoldFish

And there are many more...

Now if people here (not just you) consider that i am spaming this forum, then no problem i will keep posting only on the "PC-Soft forum" there:

von Patrice Terrier - am 31.05.2009 09:52
Exactly. I agree with Al and Helmut.
You try to sell here, Patrice, but this forum is, if you read other posts, always oriented
to help others and always for free.
You do maybe, for someone great job and they found that usefull, but, I think it is not fair job you do here.
If you have some of your job to want to share with others for free, you welcome.
But, If you want to sell something, try to find other forum.
Imagine all of us, to start post our products here with links to Shop center.
You do similar. Please, don't do that.
Other hand. If you want to somebody from this forum use your product, post one into WinDev solutions. But , please, do not send Jumping NLOs, ....
If you can remember most of us, maybe 98% uses WinDev to create databased applications and maybe good start menu or similar will be usefull for us. Other thing keep for your self. Thanks.

von ICI - am 31.05.2009 09:53
Hello Patrice

The postings you have quoted are not in this forum and this is an English language forum, All your posts are in French and they appear to be advertising your products so please do not use them as examples of your willingness to assist in this forum.


von Al - am 31.05.2009 11:59
Hi everybody...

I have a lot of trouble understanding your reaction guys...

1. VERY often people are complaining on THIS forum that there are not enough 3rd party addons available, but when somebody proposes one, you shout that it's commercial and shouldn't be here... Are you all working for free all the time?

2. It's very easy NOT to read a post that doesn't interest you, you can see who's posting, and that it's a demo of GDImage... How much time did you loose reading the header? Now when comes the day when a customer is going to ask you to wrap your database linked application into a very nice graphical interface, how will you know that GDImage is available for you if Patrice doesn't post here?

3. If commercial information DIRECTLY linked to WinDev development is not allowed here anymore, I will have to go away and create my own forum for this, and once again, information about windev will be harder to find instead of being concentrated in one place... Is that really what you all want?

4. The simple fact that GDImage is AVAILABLE for windev, with windev examples, is a HUGE contribution to YOUR development environment, and for any developer out here looking to save on development time, the fact that it's a paying addon is irrelevant... what's important is that it's AVAILABLE, and you should all be happy that it is. Instead of whining that you got ONE more message header to read

Finally, I must say that I have no personal interest in the GDImage business, nor do I even own a license of it, as I never had the chance to work on a project needing it...

I find the kind of reaction you are displaying here very sad. THAT is not the kind of collaborating spirit I am used to see here...

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.05.2009 14:50
I also agree with you Fabrice.
It is nice to have informations about new add-on products, and I hope also that will be more and more developers who do similar jobs like Patrice,
but I think that every few days informations about GDImage (You can scroll down to see it)
is not interesting for reading on forum with Question/Answer/Help system.
I think that this is forum maked for that. Maybe I am wrong. If I am I apologize to all.
Maybe new section can be maked on this forum "WinDev Demos & Third party" and information and proposals can be writed there. And if author of this forum decide to make some income for him for informations like that.
My first post here was maybe little hard. So, I apologize to Patrice, also, but I still think that so many posts about GDImage is not so important for this forum.

Regards !

von ICI - am 31.05.2009 15:46
Hello Fabrice

The point I am trying to make, and which everyone overlooks, is that this is a forum where we all help each other in an altruistic manner, it is not a commercial forum for advertisers.

I have no objection to limited commercial posts but in my opinion, anyone who tries to advertise on the forum, should also support it in a meaningful way by participating. What is so bad about asking for that ?

To answer a couple of your points directly:
"Are you all working for free all the time? " On the forum yes, as do you. In business, sometimes.

"I find the kind of reaction you are displaying here very sad. THAT is not the kind of collaborating spirit I am used to see here..." Patrice is not collaborating with us in this forum. He uses it only to advertise his product and let his "lurking clients" know about updates.

"If commercial information DIRECTLY linked to WinDev development is not allowed here anymore, I will have to go away and create my own forum for this" I don't see you as a person who advertises directly on the forum. You make a large contribution to the forum and in doing so have built up an enormous amount of personal and professional respect and goodwill that promotes your consulting service in a way that Patrice never will by just dropping ads in every now and then. I purchased your DVD's to assist in the training for a member of our staff and I would not have done so if I did not respect the abilities you demonstrate here.

Is it so bad to ask Patrice, and others like him, to put in some effort on the forum.


von Al - am 31.05.2009 23:04
GDImage 5.00+ is a brand new version, and thus each of the post was to illustrate some of the new features it provides.

Writing examples in W-language is a slow process for a third-party addon provider, especially when you have to produce at the same time examples for plain Win32 and C# managed code.

"Jumper" was meant to show the unique combination of 2D and 3D animations working together inside of the same graphic control, nobody else, except WPF, is able to do that, and i brought this feature to Windev.

About contributions you can found several of them "in English" on my dedicated web page here: http://www.zapsolution.com/newwindev/US/index.html
For example give a try to zBff, i made the DLL available to WinDev users for free!

I was posting here, because after many years doing so, i though it was the right forum to do it.

Discouraging WinDev's third party addon providers to post there, is a bad thing for the community.

Fabrice, thank you for your comments, i would be glad to contribute to your forum if ever you decide to create one, as an altrenative to that one.

von Patrice Terrier - am 01.06.2009 05:23
I'll put my two cents in here...

I have no issues with folks advertising their software or services here. Fabrice is here with his products. The US distributor is here promoting WinDev and the WinDevCon. The board is ran by the Austrian distributor. And the Brits are represented here as well. I see occasional references to SQLManagerX - not commercial, but still a third party.

I'd like to see more third party offerings. Wx is pretty feature rich, but it does not do everything, nor does it do it perfectly. There is always room for another way to do things.

And posting advice should not be the "price of admission" for third parties to post their software and services. The fact that there is third party software and services should be reason enough to post it, and we as a community should be happy somebody is writing third party apps and utilities.

We are a small community, we don't need division. Maybe do like the Clarion newsgroups... put ANN: in the message header to tip off everybody it is a commercial announcement.

von Art Bonds - am 01.06.2009 05:44
The WD14 project source code is there

You won't see any difference between the WinDev and the Win32 version, except the size of the resulting EXE.

I consider this as a contribution, because if you take the time to studdy the source code, you will find several tips and usefull functions to reuse in your own code. Nonobstant the complete GDImage API encapsulation.

The GDImage.chm file is located into the project EXE subfolder.

Note: when you move either the jumper or the planet, you move the two animations at the same time, because they are linked together.
This feature (link) can also be used with complex objects like widget, to use them as a single entity.

Remark: You are the first to try this WD14 version, because it has not been yet posted on the french WinDev forum ...

PS: Art Bonds, thank you for the two cents, they are appreciated :)

von Patrice Terrier - am 01.06.2009 08:54

Patrice is a good guy who I can say has personally assisted me in the past. In fact, If it wasn't for Patrice, I wouldn't be using Windev!!!

His tools are top quality, and despite the fact that WD does a lot very well, there are some areas where 3rd party tools do it better. No one likes to 'go outside the box', but sometimes you have to.

We should be encouraging guys like Patrice who are making our WD world a richer, better place.

There has been far too much flaming on this forum of late. Please stop it.
If you can't stop it, why don't you bugger off somewhere else. (Man, I am mad about this!!!!)

Art, you called it exactly right



von bob - am 01.06.2009 20:55

I'd love to take the time and respond to your childish remarks but that would take way too much time. Grow up and leave well enough alone.

I for one love to see 3rd party products and people creating them.

von Glenn Rathke - am 02.06.2009 00:19
Hi Glenn,

You are right. Childish remarks they may be, but we are a small community and need to build up, not tear down. We have had a little too much of this lately.

So, I apologise if I offended anyone [[3]]

I consider myself reprimanded..... :eek:



von Bob - am 02.06.2009 10:48
Hi Bob,

It takes a 'big' person to apologize, so thanks! Let's keep this group going, yea!


von Glenn Rathke - am 02.06.2009 12:44
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