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Table Behavior with and without RAD?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 31.05.2009 14:26

I am having difficulty understanding how things go together.
Where different pieces go, and when or what order to put them together in.

I am familiar with programming in reference to variables, procedures, functions, etc ... but I seem to be missing "What goes where" and "How or When to put it there"??

Is there any documentation anywhere explaining this?

Example ... To build a basic project, first ... , then ... , then ... , etc ...

Or ... If you want to do this ... the steps are ....

Or ... This is how a project goes together ...

Below is an example of how I have spent my last day and 1/2 ...

I ran the RAD to build all tables and forms but noticed it does not allow sorting on all columns like when I create a table using a query. Is this something I am doing wrong?

So, I created a table defining a query and thought I could use the buttons created by the RAD. ... wrong

When I copy and paste the buttons from the Table built by the RAD into the program I built (Table with Query) I get 3 errors on the buttons.

1st one ... (Table) which I changed from "Table" to "WIN_Company_Table", the name of the table I built

Now I am stuck with 2 other errors for the names "SuspendRefresh" and "FilterValue".

When I search the project I locate them in the GLOBAL DECLARATION of the window that was created by the RAD ... So, after figuring out how to get to the code section for the Global Declaration for a window, I pasted the code that was in the RAD to my window.

Now I have several new errors in reference to "InitalFilter", "ManageRefresh", and "SuspendRefresh". All errors are : identifier unknown or inaccessible: to access an element beyond scope, use an EXTERN declaration.

So I searched "Manage Refresh" & "SuspendRefresh" and it appears these are part of Object RAD ... and they refresh the screen ... that's all the help I can locate.

I still have the "InitialFilter" error and have no idea what to do with the "SuspendRefresh" & "ManageRefresh" errors since all I know is they are part of Object RAD.

All I want to do is have a table that displays records, can sort it by any of the column headers, and create or modify a record when you click on a button.

Ultimately I want be able to filter the table to show all the records or just some of the records based on criteria set up in a radio button.

What do I do NOW? I am stuck and frustrated!

Am I missing something? I hope there is a better way ...

Any help is appreciated !!!


Hi Dan...

One first advice:
- either you use the RAD
- or you don't

But using it and trying to modify it without spending a LOT of time studying how it's coded is a loosing battle...

Now for your original question: why no sort function on all columns: In a table linked to a file (as generated by the rad), sort is available ONLY on columns for which the linked item is a KEY in the file...

You solution is therefore to add keys in the analysis on all items/columns you want sortable.

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.05.2009 14:55
Hi Dan,

A small correction: you don't need to modify your analysis, since it is possible to sort on all columns if you declare the table to be based on a file or query stored in memory. (content tab)
Also you have to set proportional scrollbar on the details tab.


von Piet van Zanten - am 31.05.2009 16:37
And oddcourse, once again.
Please read tutorial which come with WinDev.
It is great start point for all your question.
You will loose little time if you step trough tutorial.
You will be suprised how are easy all your questions.
You will spend 1 or 2 days for tutorial and all you ask here you will know.

Best wishes.

von ICI - am 31.05.2009 19:36
I agree... Also, whether you use rad or not, it really doesn't matter. Whatever is created in rad is only code, so you can do with it as you please. Personally, I find the rad simple and easy to follow.

von Glenn Rathke - am 03.06.2009 22:55
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