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A bit of design help (WebDev-12)

Startbeitrag von Shahine am 01.06.2009 17:08

Hi All,

I need a bit of design help with a query form that I am doing in WebDev-12.

What I am trying to achieve is: User enters a search criteria in an edit control and click a query button. A query is run and the result is displayed below.

So far it is simple. My users want to press the 'Enter' key instead of clicking the 'Query' button!!?. Ok I thought.. I will add the 'Enter' key as the shortcut for my query button.

Great.. It worked.. Except that I also have a memo field 'Multi-line edit control' on the same page, and now every-time you press 'Enter' on this control to add a carriage-return the query runs. doah !!

Is there a way I can set the button shortcut by code? That way I can detect which control has the focus and either run the query or not.

Or is there a much better way altogether?

Thank You


Hi Shahine..

The only way i see to do that is to remove the shortcut from thebutton, and in each control where you want the shortcut to work, to use a short javascript code to detect the ENTE rkey and execute the button in that case

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.06.2009 19:02
Thanks Fabrice

I was hoping there was a way of using wLanguage to assign / remove short-cuts from an object (like a button).

Maybe there is a way of doing this in Javascript? I have to Google search this!

Thanks for the reply


von Shahine - am 02.06.2009 06:06
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