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Freadline starter question

Startbeitrag von dappel am 03.06.2009 00:10

i am using the express version of windev
i am verry new with coding
what i wanne achieve create a prg who can store product names and product information, and cordinates.the idee behind it is when i wane look for a certain product i type it in a search field i get the 3 closest matches select 1 of them and product name + info are shown + location on a map.

so the idee
create a .txt file to store that information
/// 1 /product name/product discription/ 20.2/30.1 /// 2/product name/product discription/ 30.1/11.3
// 3 ///
1 and 2 , 3 represent line numbers
20.2/30.1 represent cordinates
i tried to adept exampel to try to read a line of txt buth when i lounch it
it reads more then 1 line of text and i only want 1 line of text to be read and then try make the machiene select the info thats behind product info,description

so far i have this

nRTF01EXPRESS is int // txt field//
sRTF02content is string
sSlineEXPRESS is string
nRTF01EXPRESS = fOpen(CompleteDir(fExeDir())+"\rabit.rtf.",foReadWrite)
sSlineEXPRESS = fReadLine(nRTF01EXPRESS)
// Browse the file to the end

// memorize the line read
IF sRTF02content ~="" THEN
sRTF02content = sSlineEXPRESS
sRTF02content = sRTF02content + CR + sSlineEXPRESS

// Read next line
sSlineEXPRESS = fReadLine(nRTF01EXPRESS)


// give the info to the user
Info("File read succeeded, the file content is: ",sRTF02content)

so how can i make it display 1 line? and then only the things i find usefull
what commands can i use best ?

also some good free site for learning to code with windev woot be nice


Hello Dappel,

See ExtractString and Postion.

The following statements:
IF sRTF02content ~="" THEN
sRTF02content = sSlineEXPRESS
sRTF02content = sRTF02content + CR + sSlineEXPRESS

can be written in one line:


von Louis Verbraak - am 03.06.2009 07:55
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