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WinDev Windows Service Stops But Is Locked By svchost.exe

Startbeitrag von Terry Mullican am 28.07.2014 15:34

WinDev Windows Service Stops But Is Locked By svchost.exe.

We have a 2 WinDev Windows Services which both get locked by:

when we stop them. It does not seem to matter how we stop them. The services both have component dlls. Any ideas?

When closing an EXE, is there anything we should run to close each DLL first before exiting the EXE?

This causes issues with our installer and rebooting of servers and so on!!

Thanks for any advice!


There is a part about the webservice documentation i think is not clear. The code u put in Running Service (called in a loop) should not block. So this code should be called multiple times (every 1 - 5 seconds should be fine). This allows WinDev to handle webservice related task like starting and stopping.

von Pim Janssen - am 29.07.2014 07:44
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