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How do you associate a combo box with a file.field?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 03.06.2009 11:47

I have a file called customer. In the file is a field called ACTIVE. Active is always either Yes or No. I would like the user to select this from a combo box.

How do I associate a combo box with the choices of Yes & No to this field, ACTIVE, so that every time I select this field from the Analysis pane and paste it to a Window Form I do not have convert it to a combo box and add the options?

And ... is this information available in the help system, if so how would I find it?

I did a search in the help system on "Analysis controls" and scanned through the SUMMARY but could not figure out where to find the information.


Hi dan,
it is the same as with any other field.


von Hans60 - am 03.06.2009 12:12
Hello Dan

You can setup some info in the analysis. Set the file field to be of type combo box.


von Al - am 03.06.2009 12:34

Once again THANK YOU ...

that surewas easy once I knew were to look.

I am still working on figuring out where things are and what to do where.

It seems I keep getting hung up on terminology and my past experience with Data Access, PHP, & MySQL and what things are called and how they work.

But I am getting there. With your help I feel I have made major strides already

I will get it and really do appreciate all your assistance!!!


von Dan M - am 03.06.2009 14:39
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