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New version or New bugs

Startbeitrag von ICI am 04.06.2009 19:52

I very glad to see new version.
But, few time click for code of some control then on Description and WinDev14 quit without any message. Zoom out like a storm. ???????????????????
Maybe version 13 is big jump for this number with bug which I never have into V12.
Once again some question marks ?????????????????



I got an info from PCS Tech Support about such things in 14 (project from 12)

- Delete the files named NomProjet.ENV and NomProjet.DEP present in the project directory.
- Update your project ("Project .. Other Actions").

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 05.06.2009 09:14
Thank you Guenter,
But this is not solve problems.
It is true I imported V12 project and now I am search for .DEP and .ENV
files. Windows is found some .ENV files but not .DEP. I delete them.
After few clicks, problem is still here. V14 blow out without any question.
I wait to see even Bye. ;)). But nothing, just kick me . :cheers:
V12 is still here. It is my luck with these years I always have 3-4 copy's of my projects.
If you hear some new situation about this problem, please, write here. :cheers:

von ICI - am 05.06.2009 11:46

I had some issues also and the tech support told me to delete also the .cpl folder. It did fixed some issues, but not all of them.


von Alexandre Leclerc - am 05.06.2009 12:33

I delete also .cpl folder Alexandre, but same.
Guenter are you mean on Update Dependencies. I also do that.
But same situation. My V14 quit same, after few clicks.
I combine Description-Code clicks, after few clicks, bummm. :cheers:

von ICI - am 06.06.2009 08:06
You want a real solution ? I actually found that this happened because of an internal library malfunction of windev 14.

Take a copy of " WDFen. wdl" from version 12 and replace this file in :


as a result : WinDev14 will never quit suddenly again .

It is a fact that it has a corrupted library files.

von Atef George - am 12.06.2009 12:46

Re: New version or New bugs DON'T TRY

Hi All,

I tried this, but it caused a crash on the first attempt to edit a control. The error message clearly referred to an error in the library. Seemed unlikely anyway that something like this should work.


von Piet van Zanten - am 12.06.2009 13:39
Here what i did exactly and fixed the problem permanently :

1- It is a fact that WinDev14 library is unstable because of a particular WDFen

2- Get the beta version of windev14

3- Replace "DATA" folder of windev14 by windev14beta

4- This will take care of WDFen as well as corresponding files

5- You will get a working solid stable customized windev14 version

This is working like a charm for me

von Atef George - am 12.06.2009 18:38
Is someone try this? Is it really working ?

von ICI - am 14.06.2009 15:33
It is not solution you gain Atef.
First, any copy from Beta version or from V12 procude fatal errors.

It is logical. Different versions and different DLLs and so on.
Your solution is maybe friendly maybe not. If not, this place is not for that kind of games.
I dont know how you resolve (if you are) this type of problem.
For all of us this is not solution. Mybe you find something new, today. :cheers:

von ICI - am 15.06.2009 11:38
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