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Sub-Type:Text Memo in Tutorial

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 04.06.2009 22:35

I am going through the tutorial and on page 84 it says to make the address a Sub-type:Text memo.

I cannot file a "sub-type: text memo" anywhere ...

the closest thing I could find is in the Parameters of the control linked to the selected item (shared information) under the combo box Type, called Multi-line text

Is this the correct way to do it or is there a sub-type:Text memo somewhere?

If so, Where?




I havn't got the tutorial handy but I think this is referring to the analysis definition.
Open the description pane of a file and select a text field.

On the right hand side you will see a combo named :subtype.

The default for a text field is string but you can select, amongst other things, Text Memo if you wish.



von DerekT - am 04.06.2009 23:33
Yes, I see it now



von Dan M - am 04.06.2009 23:38

How are you?

We missed you at WinDevCon 2009!


von Glenn Rathke - am 05.06.2009 02:53

Thanks for that.
I am doing pretty good at the moment.

I very nearly made it - just a matter of bad timing for me this time around.
Sounds like you all had a great time and were given plenty of useful information.

This time I will need to be satisfied with a set of :cool: Fabrice's videos :cool: but I do intend being at WinDevCon2010 if it goes ahead.



von DerekT - am 05.06.2009 17:47
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