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WebDev, WinDev Version 14

Startbeitrag von Shahine am 06.06.2009 12:55


Have PC-Soft started shipping the new version?

I know you can download a kind of beta version from their site, but I was wondering when we were going to get the Books, CD and not to forget the fluffy yellow birds?

I wish we could sell something in March, get paid for it and not deliver before mid-June, but alas we live in the real world.



Hello Shahine

A release version was made available on the Windev site on 29/05/09

Download this version and email PCSoft to ask for your dongle password.


von Al - am 06.06.2009 13:46

Re: Re: WebDev, WinDev Version 14

The question was if they shipped yet...

I already dl'ed the new version, as I am sure everybody else did.

The manuals would be what I am waiting for.

It would be good to know for two reasons:
a) Did I not get mine?
b) When should I expect to know it is so...

Making sense now?

It seems that some of us aren't just waiting for the trinkets.

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von Death.pcs.crosspost - am 08.06.2009 16:40
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