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How do you implement an incremental search in a combo box?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 06.06.2009 20:37

I need to allow the user to select from a list of manufacturer brands but the list is greater than 5000. I am using a combo box and displaying a file called manufacturers.

I want to be able to allow the user to enter the first letter or first few letters to reduce the choices and / or jump to the location of the first match?

Is there an example of this or what is the "Term" or "Phrase" to enter in the help to locate how to do this?



Try looking up help on "Editable combo box with assisted input" ... I think.


von David Martin - am 06.06.2009 21:33
ANSWER: If you add a sort to the combo box and use the default option it automatically allow incremental searches.

After changing the Company ID to a COMBO BOX and selectingthe Company Name to be the displayed name:

1. Go to the "Parameters of the control linked to the selected item section (blue double arrow section at bottom)

2. Select the DETAILED tab

3. check the "Sort Content" check box

4. Click on the Options (below it)

5. Check the "Customize the sort" check box (the dfault sort will be Ignore UPPERCASE / Lowercase ...)

This will now automatically allow you to do incremental searches by typing in the first few letter ...

von Dan M - am 06.06.2009 21:35
Yes. This say help.
You need also to enable option "Editable ComboBox" from Description
to be able to enter letters into combo.

von ICI - am 07.06.2009 06:06

Where does it say that in the help (what page or term) and How are you finding this information?

I have looked in the tutorial (book pages 177 - 187), opened WIN_ListBoxControl.WDW, and done searches in the help on Combo box, List Box, Editable ComboBox and I cannot locate any information discussing the searching.

I am not sure if it is a terminology thing, I am just going about finding information and examples the wrong way, or this information is not in plain site?

You help in understanding how to find the information in reference to s specific topic ordetail would be greatly appreciated.

thanks ...Dan

von Dan M - am 07.06.2009 13:42
Dan !
You need to understand concept of WinDev to be able to uses WinDev on easyest way.
First, Always look for option into "right click" Description for Window, control,...
and if there is no already predefined option you than consult Help for code.
Most of things you need for specific object is located already into "Description" option to set-up object without coding.

If you want to change some status for control or window, which you set-up into Description than you can use code.
Example. You set "combo_client" into description to be enabled-visible and with some situation you need to hide this combo_client, you will use code.

Combo_client..Visible = False
Combo_client..Visible = True

Try to play with controls and windows, first, with description (7tabs) like PC SOFT love to say but actually you will find 8 of them. And start to analise. After that use code.

von ICI - am 07.06.2009 14:42
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