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Does ComboBox/ListBox offer Multi-Field View for Select?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 07.06.2009 14:14

There is a mention of "multi-column list box" on the help page titled "Overview of List Box controls" but it is mentioned only under Notes and as a characteristic which is not supported in Java. A search on "multi-column list box" in the help system, viewing the ListBox & Combox box says nothing more (that I can find).

I need to be able to view multiple fields from a file in a list format which I can then select from.

Example, the user needs to be able to display a list of contacts to chose from, but to see a list of contacts with only their first name is not helpful. We have 500+ clients named "BOB". What I need is to be able to see First Name Last Name and Company and then allow the user to select one from the list.

In my old days (DOS based Dataflex 2.3b) this was a selection list, a basic program (or window) and then we passed the parameters of the selected record, simular how to how you go from a table a specific record. Is that how to do it in WinDev or is there another way or control I should be using. I am still trying to understand what is available (to use) and what to use when.

Again, If someone can tell me how to find this information, myself, in the help screens or samples and examples, I would greatly appreciate it.

I believe in the philosphy ... Give a man a fish he eats for the day ... Teach a man to fish he eats for life.

I want to learn how to fish!!

I do not want to keep asking so many questions on this forum but I also do not want to spend hours upon hours trying to figure what so many others already know.

I continue to not understand how to find the information or examples of what I am trying to accomplish, what controls to use, and how to go about getting the results I need.

I have re-read the tutorial and performed "almost" all the exercises but I do not feel it is necessary to know how to do chart designing (Lesson 8.11) & OOP (Lesson 8.12) when all I currently need to accomplish are basic tasks such as tables, forms, selection lists, and data storage and retrieval tasks

Any input and feedback is appreciated!!

thanks ... Dan


Hi Dan...

First, when you ask a question on this forum, you should always specify which version of windev you are using, as things can change between each version.

Now IN WinDev 14, when you create a combo, the wizard asks you (in the additional parameter pane) if you want multiple column (use of a table)...

if you already created the combo as a list, you can still go in the CONTENT tab, and select in the topmost choice (expanded type) the subtype you need. In your case, its going to be either a table or a popup window (where you can do whatever you want)

Of course, there is also the simple solution of building the content of the combo on the fly by concatenating the strings (Bob Winter (HisCompany) by example)... It works easily because you can define a return value different from the visible value and returns a unique identifier.

So it's really a question on how you want to display your data

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.06.2009 14:34
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