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Loading memory table from a query WB19

Startbeitrag von Jbistuer am 30.07.2014 08:02

I'm newbye using query in WB19.
I'm loading a memory table from a query but I'm not sure if my code is correct.
In the "table initialitation (server)" point I execute the query.
In which point I must to load the memory table from the query result, via loop for each row returned by the query?
If a put the loop in the "Affichage line dans table" I get all the records returned but qith the same information for all.
Or perhaps there is another way to load the memory table with the result of the query?

Any suggestion, please?

Thanks in advance.


Showing the code you are using would be useful.

If you only need to display the content of the query then either binding your table to the query or using 'FileToMemoryTable' will work.
'FileToMemoryTable' does require that the query field order matches the table column.

I do not use WB but this would be OK for WD - the key would be where you call the query I guess.

von DerekT - am 30.07.2014 08:35
Hi DerekT,
Thanks for your answer.

I gonna try 'FileToMemoryTable' instead loop 'For each'.

Thanks again from Catalunya.

von Jbistuer - am 30.07.2014 09:45
Hi Jordi,

In the table initialization code, right after hExecuteQuery:

For each qry_MyQuery
TableAddLine(Table,qry_MyQuery.Field1,qry_MyQuery.Field2, etc.


von Piet van Zanten - am 31.07.2014 06:47
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