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Analysis problem

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 09.06.2009 08:11

Is there a way to add the SAME table (from the MainGroup in the analysis) to more than 1 custom folders. I am really having a difficult time concentrating on my analysis when I have complicated schemes and more than 50 tables.
I would like to here any ideas ...


No answers at all ?

So either
1. nobody is really making BIG apps with WinDev or
2. there is really NO serious English speaking community for WinDev products

von Steven Sitas - am 10.06.2009 10:59
Hello Steven

I manage a large app without using the folders in the analysis. I just colour code the files according to their logical place in the scheme of things, so for me there is no need to use folders. I also use text boxes to provide group headings and some important notes.
You can find files in the analysis by just typing the first letter of the file name or using the file explorer pane.


von Al - am 10.06.2009 11:13
You are wrong about 1 and 2 and making these statements this way won't help you.

Besides you forgot about nr 3, which should be your nr. 1!
3. First read the help

I did it and I know the answer. I even gave it a try in WD12 and WD14. So i can say: the helpfile is correct.


von Arie - am 10.06.2009 11:18
And this is what the helpfile tells me:

" A file description can be associated with several custom-folders"


"To associate a file description with a custom-folder:
1. Select the file description that must be associated with the custom-folder.
2. "Drag and Drop" the description to the relevant custom-folder. The description is automatically associated with the custom-folder.
Note: If the description already belonged to a custom-folder, the description is only associated with the new custom-folder. In order for the description to be associated with the two custom-folders, keep the [Ctrl] key down during "Drag and Drop"."

Give it a try.


von Arie - am 10.06.2009 11:21
Hi Steven...

it could also be that everybody is waiting to see if somebody else has a
solution to your problem :-)

In that case, it seems that the answer is no

Best regards

Fabrice Harari
International WinDev, WebDev and WinDev mobile Consulting

More information on http://www.fabriceharari.com

Steven Sitas wrote:
> No answers at all ?
> So either
> 1. nobody is really making BIG apps with WinDev or
> 2. there is really NO serious English speaking community for WinDev products
Message forwarded from pcsoft.us.windev

von Fabrice Harari.pcs.crosspost - am 10.06.2009 11:30
thanks fot all the answers, but:

1. Arie, this does not work. Give it a try and see
Maybe the feature is not implemented yet in the English WD 14 v

2. Al, I could never work with this kind of graph.
Maybe I am spoiled with MS VISIO Enterprise or I am getting older.

von Steven Sitas - am 10.06.2009 19:00
Steven, I did give it a try, but just a little bit.
As you can see below the company-file is listed twice.

However after closing and re-opening the second (or first?) one is gone!
So you are right: it does not work as stated in the help. Sorry for misleading you.


von Arie - am 10.06.2009 19:36
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