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Windev Application to track a cellphone location using google map

Startbeitrag von Mitchell am 09.06.2009 14:15

Dear Coders,
Anyone here has an experience developing an application using windev that are able to track a cellphone location and use a google map to view the approximate location?

Advise Please.



Hi Mitchell...

there is an example in the LST about that, but it relies on an API for France Télécom, which won't exist of course in any other setting...

You can locate a cell phone from 2 different sets of information:
- Cell phone towers triangulation/proximity

For the GPS solution you need to have a gps enabled cell phone with windev mobile, and develop a simple app getting the position and sending it to a server via any available method

For the towers triangulation, youneed access to the network information, as in the france télécom example, and therefore will be dependant of a specific provider

Displaying on a google map is now much simpler with windev 14, courtesy of the new google functions

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.06.2009 15:31
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