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My PC Soft Rant - The Truth is Out There!

Startbeitrag von JB am 10.06.2009 07:46

I have come out of the closet about my feelings towards PC Soft and now is the time they must take action.

Do you agree or disagree?


Lets let them know our feelings and create some momentum.



This afternoon I received a telephone call from Claudia at PC Soft. She discussed my comments in this blog post and explained about some of the benefits we have received from a later version which included more examples translated to English.

I reiterated about the number of bugs we are getting with this new version and Claudia has asked for you to please send bug reports to PC Soft so that they can investigate them.

She also wants to hear from you if you are having any issues with PC Soft or concerns about bugs not being resolved. Please contact Claudia at claudia.rivera@pcsoft.fr and help her to understand any issues you have.

von JB - am 10.06.2009 14:40
Hi Jonathan,

So, should I be placing my comments here, or putting them on your blog?



von Malc - am 10.06.2009 15:27
On the blog please Malc.

Claudia is monitoring the post.



von JB - am 10.06.2009 16:09
Please all post more comments!

If PC Soft are watching the post then now is the time to speak out.

Even if you have positive comments... post away...




von JB - am 10.06.2009 16:22

Any update from PCSoft about our reports?

von Carlo Hermus - am 17.06.2009 19:47

No to Blog

Personally, I will not blog. That is what the forum is for and one consolidated place makes more sense to me.

PC Soft monitors the forum as well.


von Jeff Graham - am 17.06.2009 20:43
Thanks for your comment about posting Jeff.

I have to disagree as the post would have just got lost in amongst all the other posts in this forum.

Also I didn't want this forum to be a staging post (excuse the pun) for this as I believe mysnip is the home best suited for technical questions. (Although this forum software is really 90's).



von JB - am 17.06.2009 21:04
Hi Carlo

I didn't get very far with PC Soft. Claudia said that they do not make statements on forums or blogs.

I suggested more communication with us would be a very good idea. Her only suggestion was that if we had issues then contact her directly to discuss them.

A recent email I sent to her asking about any idea on the planned release date for bug fixes. The reply was basically that going by last years release it should be some time in September.

All feels rather deflated.


von JB - am 17.06.2009 21:12
If V14 "work" (mean don't work normaly) and it is not stabile for programming. Hm
I think that FIX must be much earlyer. So, conculusion or suggestion from PC SOFT.
"Continue to using V12, until we finish V14. This is still BETA." OK
This is fair game.

von ICI - am 17.06.2009 21:31
It says a lot, that they base when to release a bug-fix update by when they released one last year! Surely anyone with half a brain would release a bug-fix update when some bugs have been fixed! This just goes to show that as soon as one version is released, they are already working on the next 500 new features release, and couldn't care less about the current version. Not good enough.

JB - I saw better forums on BBS's back in the 80's. This one is not only ugly, but also useless in terms of search, which is perhaps the most important aspect of a knowledge base like this. Seriously, what happened to all the posts on the old forum (which was also less than)? Luckily PC Soft copied a lot of the posts, so we are still able to easily search them.

Jeff - Good for you 'luv.


von Peter Raines - am 18.06.2009 00:19
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