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What is the wildcard character for a query?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 11.06.2009 01:57

What I mean is, I have a customer table. I want the user to be able to toggle between ALL customers and just there own.

I created a table based on a query to show just there own.

Is there a character I can use to show ALL by replacing their ID with a character that is a wild card and will show all companies with any ID?

or ... is there another/better way of doing this?



Hi Dan,

Provided that this is a hyperfile query, you can set the query to use a parameter of customerID. If you want to see all customers, declare the query parameter to be:


Otherwise, declare the query parameter to be:


This is prior to your query execution.

You can "ignore" any query parameter in this sense.



von M. Beaven - am 11.06.2009 04:37
How would one use a wild card in a query where you want to match a certain pattern?

For example, I have a field (TheFieldname) in a table (TableName) made up of numbers, such as:


I want a query to return rows based upon this query: "Select * from TableName where TheFieldname = 123?????9", which would return the first and third row. Or TheFieldname = 12?4?????, where the first and second rows would be returned.

Its on my agenda to look more closely into it this weekend, but if anybody has done this before I'd appreciate a hint. I imagine it depends on which data base I use (HF, MySQL, Postgresql, etc).

von Art Bonds - am 13.06.2009 17:13
I think the SQL default is '%' and '?' but you would normally use 'like' and not '='.

"Select * from TableName where TheFieldname like '1234%' etc.



von issah - am 13.06.2009 17:33
So far...



In Postgresql, SIMILAR TO and NOT SIMILAR TO, and for case insensitive also ILIKE and NOT ILIKE.


von Art Bonds - am 13.06.2009 18:35
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