Outlook; filtering on emailadres

Startbeitrag von Frans am 11.06.2009 13:33

Hello to you all,

Is there a way to filter (query) the outlook messages based on the emailadres?
I want to see what messages are send to a specific emailadres or received from a specific emailadres.
I searched the help but found no beginning

Thanks in advance.


Found it: Outlook; filtering on emailadres

Hello to you all,

Looked in a wrong direction.
Found it and it worked. Only the reading of the file takes a while. After that the finding of the next record is very quick.

SessionID is int
SessionID = EmailStartOutlookSession("")
IF EmailSeekFirst(SessionID, emailSender, "SenderAdres@windev.com") = True THEN
WHILE Email.Out = False
TableAdd(Table, Email.Sender + TAB + Email.Subject)
Info("No email was found")

von Frans - am 11.06.2009 15:36
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